I am a queer, trans artist and performer from East Tennessee, based in NYC. I perform in plays, puppet shows, and collaboratively devised experimental works. I make art about ghosts, blood, grief, desire, Appalachian heritage, whiteness, and my body ā€“ and work in multiple mediums including text, song, puppetry, soundscape, and movement. Iā€™m currently developing my first full-length work, EXCAVATION, based in family oral history, and in a series of letters to my settler-colonizer ancestors.

I enjoy extreme physical states, farming, biking, looking at the moon, and smashing the patriarchy.

"Why are we concerned with art? To cross our frontiers, exceed our limitations, fill our emptiness -- fulfill ourselves.  This is not a condition but a process in which what is dark in us slowly becomes transparent.  In this struggle with one's own truth, this effort to peel off the life-mask, the theatre, with its full-fleshed perceptivity, has always seemed to me a place of provocation."  -Jerzy Grotowski, Towards a Poor Theatre